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The Story

Volume I: Physical

Elysia's wings begin to grow morphing her into an angel. Her journey to accept her new physical self is tough, but she must learn to not only fight, but accept her new identity in order to come to terms with her new powers and ward off the Fallen Angel attack on the planet.

At the same time, she's making friends in angel school, learning how to be a fighter and embarking on a self-discovery about her new form. Unfortunately, the Demon Angel Overlord kidnaps her famous scientist father in order to lure her to her death, so he is able to take her soul and defeat the Higher Order of angels. Elysia must come to terms with the powers she was born with to rescue her father and save the planet before it's too late.

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The Creators

Serena Obhrai

Serena has been writing in some form or fashion ever since she was 11. Based in London, she has the ability to pen poetry to short stories, professional reviews and articles, to full-length theatre plays and short independent films. After working the corporate life for ten years in Online Communities, Serena has decided to give it all up and work on Elysia.

As a classically trained actress with a Psychology degree, Serena has always had the ability to tell stories with in-depth personalities and is now extremely happy to be able to tell the story of Elysia.

Jennie Gyllblad

Jennie is a Swedish graphic novel artist, illustrator and costume designer living in Bath. She has previously worked with several RPG publishers — and has also taken on typefaces, tattoo designs, private commissions and corporate branding.

She enjoys creating stories and characters using traditional media and techniques such as watercolour, gouache, ink and pencil. Jennie's style attracts attention and after being approached to work on Elysia, she jumped at the chance to be involved and hasn't looked back ever since.


It’s a very female-friendly science fiction project – female creators, female lead character (which shouldn’t put the boys off though, sounds like there is a lot in there to appeal quite widely to many SF&F readers) – taking in angelic beings and a somewhat different world from ours, but the real core is about relationships, working out your own place in the world and your own identity as you grow.

Part of the popularity is surely down to the pitch itself, a tale of a fictional future where angels and humans have to coexist side by side, the former guarding the latter but never to enter a relationship with each other. A story of angels is not something I’ve quite come across in comics before – save of course for Preacher, which is an entirely different sort of story! – and it strikes me as one that will have mass appeal.

I’ve met both Serena and Jennie several times now and both are as committed to their creative work as they are to their Absinthe consumption, and trust me that’s a lot, so you can imagine the dedication that has already gone into this project. To be serious for a second, Serena’s central idea behind Elysia sounds fascinating and I’m intrigued to see it play out in the graphic novel.

With Elysia, Serena (with great assistance by Jennie) has created a fascinating fantasy world with a nice mix of genres that has the potential to appeal to a very large audience. What makes the story most compelling, though, is that she's grounded it in great characters and relatable scenarios. You want to be Elysia, discovering her powers, but you're also afraid to be her because of the situations she's thrust into. It has everything that will keep you coming back for more.

I've been fortunate to read through a couple drafts of the script over the last year and the story is gets exponentially better each and every time. I can't wait to actually see see Elysia fly onto the pages of the graphic novel.

Elysia is an epic and ambitious project that has been gestating inside Serena's fevered noodle for a decade - a huge and intimate urban fantasy of angels, demons and self-discovery.


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Our Kickstarter story...

On April 24th 2013, after one of the most exciting months in history (well, Elysia's history), we successfully raised our funding goal on Kickstarter. We'd like to thank all that shared and helped, especially the 261 backers who pledged at total of £21,810:

Aaron P. Churchill, Abi Silvester, Agena Allen, Al Sibley, Aldous Russell, Alex Murison, Alexander James O'Connell, Alfie Dennen, Altug Sapma, Alyssia Rose, Amrit Singh, Andreas Flato, Andreas Gyllblad, Andreas Lempa, Anita Rowden, Anjee and J, Anthony Cameron, Anthony Del Col, Antonis Konstantinidis, Arnster, Aurelien Poma, Barry Nugent, Beady Sea, Ben Matthews, Ben Pedroche, Ben Scarboro, Bitten, Blaise Grimes-Viort, Bradley Abeyta, Bram Sterling, Brian M, Bruno Girin, Bryan Huang Diwei, Bryan S. Slick, budgiewudgiebear, Calin David, Calvin Shueh, Carl Wells, Cathy McGregor, Cedric R., Charlotte Hall, Chirdeep Singh Chhabra, Chris Buchner, Chris Jordan, Chris Mole, Chris Straghalis, Chris Wright, Christian Gabriel, @Circusboy1, Claire Hutt, Claudio Manenti, Corey and Monika, @cr, Cristina Calinoiu, Curtis Long, Jr., Daleroxxu, Dani Abram, Daniel Bowtell, Daniel R, Daniel Rivas, Darren Stoneham, Dave Stone, David Brookshaw, David M. Kay, Dean Valentine Smith, Dennis Vranjesevic, Denny de la Haye, Devid Pipa, Douglas Jordan, duc+ion, Duncan Thomas, Dustin & Krystal, Dustin Cabeal, Eleanor White, Eric Hollreiser, Etienne Kerbastard, Fab, Farhad, Faruk Ateş, Fintan Costello, Frank M. Hoyer, Frank Op de Woerd, Frank R Dellario, G. Gathers, Garrett Stone, Gia Cavalli, Gillian Redwood, Giovanni Pellegrini, Glaring_Mistake, Gloria Balding, gordon, Grant Kiyoshi Shimogawa, Greg Levick, Grumpy Grizzly, Gun & Sven-Ake, Gunnar O.H. Strand, Gwynne Dixon, Helen McLaughlin, Henrik, Hetal Chokshi, Howard Jones, Ian Cullen, Ian kellar, @imkye, Indy, Ionut Nicolae, Ivan Hawkes, Jack V, Jacqui, Jakob Svanström, James Burnett, James Man, James Marwood, Jamie Rimmer, jamt, Jeffrey Haas, Jennifer Newell, Jereme Crosby, Jesse Morgan, Jessica April, Jo Bartley, jo perry, Joachim Verhagen, Joe Stapleton, John A W Phillips, Jon Aaron Green, Jon Weedon, Jonathan Burrell, Jonathan Lim (snowblink), Jonathan Palmer, Josh Russell, Julia van Lill, Julian Chan, Julie Conybeare, Kai Smith, Kaloyan Dimitrov, Kat Todd, Kate Stallwood, Katherine Gamble and Daniel Aguirre, Keith Burrowes, Keith Hutton, kekewan, Ken Blakey, Ken Mah, KiloTango, kimptoc, @KingCybeeJacob, Klemen, Kristy Offner, Kyle Murphy, Laura Sneddon, Lim Keong Han, Lisa Barnett, Lisa Uzzell Edwards, Liselle Awwal, Liz Schiller, Louis Gill, Lovely Lee Grice, Lucy, Lukas Bieri, Maggie Howell, Malgosia Piatkowska, Mani, Manuel Siebert, Marc Ellis, Marc Knox, Margarita López, maria marotto, Maria Smedstad, Maria Sorokina, Marjaana Pasila, Mark Clapham, Marxorz, Massimiliano Manera, Mat Munro, Matt Gibbs, Matt Greenland, Matt Mills aka dungeonmstr, Matthew Crehan, Matthew Green, Matthew Morris, Mauricio @Reyes, Meaghan Fitzgerald, Megan Balanck, Melinda Seckington, Melissa Wolfe, Michael Josem, Michael O'Dell, Mickey Dinsen Petersen, Mike Allum, Mike Crate, Mikey, Mogepy, Mona Al, Monica Maria de jesus Maia, Mythosidhe, Nadia Fudge, Nahlur the Arisen, Nathan Grepares, Nathan Moller, Neil Conroy, Neo Maximus, Nicholas Reichle, Nicholas Reid, Nick Leonard, Nick Stuart, Oliver Barker, Owain Metcalf, paolohutchi, Paul Marino, Pedro Almeida, Pedro Machado de Azeredo Figueira, Peter & Sarah Milcetic, Peter Christensen, Peter Newman, Peter Thompson, Phill Jones, Priyanka Kanse, ranbir sidhu, Rax Lakhani, Renae De Liz, Rhys Hawley, Rita Lazaro, Robert, Robert Gyllblad, Robert Kitzmueller, Rohit Talwar, Russell Woodward, Sam, Sami Takala, Sander, Sarah Gordon, Sarah Westman, Saranga, Sasha San Andres, Scott Byron, Scott Cutts, Seamus McCauley, Sean Miguel Bevington, Sean Ness, Sean Williamson, Simon Barker, Sonia Lai, Sophie Thurston, Steve Bucino, Sumona, Susan Deane, Tad Hargrave, Tarvi R, The Combers, The Navigatrix, Thomas Forsyth, Tia Fisher, Tim Mannveille, Troy Boyle, Vincent Boon, @whatleydude, Willem, Yafo Boy Productions, Zandi Dezman.


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Daughter of human, Max Lee, and Higher Order angel, Devi, Elysia is a troubled teenager coming to terms with her new identity. Unbeknownst to her, she is of the Higher Order of angels and must come to terms with her power before the world is destroyed by the Demon Angel Overlord.

Elysia is sarcastic upon first meeting, but it is clear she has a big heart and is simply struggling with her change of physical form. She is very naïve as a youngster, but as the story progresses and she is set to rescue her captured father – as well as the world - we see she is not to be trifled with. We end with an epic fight scene where Elysia must battle the Demon Angel Overlord, but does she have what it takes?



Confused and generally befuddled at anything that isn't science-related, Max is a genius that struggles to be a good father. He loses hope after the love of his wife, Devi, is taken away from him – left to bring up their daughter, Elysia, alone.

Max is a very well-respected scientist – creating the very same technology that helps his daughter after her wings begin to grow. He has an unfortunate drinking problem and very little connection with his daughter, but this doesn't stop him trying to be there for her.

The Demon Angel Overlord knows how to get to Elysia and kidnaps Max in the hopes to lure her in.



Mother to Elysia, Devi is one of the nine Higher Order angels based on another planet - guarding over humans and the other angels. She is sent to protect Max as he is a very valuable commodity to the angel species, but they end up falling in love - something the Higher Order frown upon. The rule of society state that angels and humans should never mate, and when Devi and Max do so, she is banished from the Higher Order, paying the ultimate price; her life.

But, not before she has to train her offspring, Elysia, to take her place on Caeleus and be part of the Higher Order.



Nice guy Harvey has but one mission in life; to serve and protect the angel order. Assigned as Elysia's mentor when she reaches the angel training facility, he is always there when Elysia needs him, much to his girlfriend's dismay.

He is very much in love with Jet, his girlfriend, but her jealousy runs riot and causes a rift in their relationship. Harvey is the protector, the guardian, the man every girls needs in her life – but, can he do what is required to make Elysia and Jet like each other?



The highest level of angel on Earth, Skar is as powerful as they come. His mission is to train Elysia to be the best fighter she can be to ward off the Demon angel attack.

He heads up the Training Facility and his no-nonsense hard-up attitude to training is a little hard to bear on those he works with, but they understand his “tough love” principle is better for them in the long run.

His new student - Elysia - is faster, smarter and tougher than any he has come across previously. Skar is relishing his new student's abilities and does what he can to take her where she needs to be, before leading the rescue attempt for her father.



The main henchman for the Demon Angel Overlord is Razor. A nickname given to him after he betrays the Demon and is then made to pay the price – a set of nasty sword wounds all down his back.

Razor heads up the Fallen Anxo Villages is very well-known and respected by all who inhabit those villages. He runs one of the most popular bars called ‘The Hub', a mere front for all the evildoings underground in the Demon's Lair.

Elysia encounters Razor on her travels to rescue her father and they form an unusual friendship based on lies and mistruths.



The main henchman for the Demon Angel Overlord is Razor. A nickname given to him after he betrays the Demon and is then made to pay the price – a set of nasty sword wounds all down his back.

Razor heads up the Fallen Anxo Villages is very well-known and respected by all who inhabit those villages. He runs one of the most popular bars called ‘The Hub', a mere front for all the evildoings underground in the Demon's Lair.

Elysia encounters Razor on her travels to rescue her father and they form an unusual friendship based on lies and mistruths.


Demon Angel

A fallen angel who can only be described as the most dangerous being currently in existence, the Demon Angel Overlord requires the soul of a Higher Order angel in order to combat and defeat them. As Elysia was born on Earth, and as soon as she accepts her higher state, he will be able to take her soul and defeat the Higher Order for good.

The Demon takes no prisoners and has been waiting since Elysia's birth to finally capture her soul and be rid of the Higher Order once and for all, for him to rule victorious and take over the human and angel races.



Although he is Elysia's little cousin, she treats Frog as her younger brother. As a loveable rogue, Frog spends most of his time causing trouble and questioning everything - a consequence of being too smart for his own good.

His love for all things detective has him vowing to protect Elysia and her father, and this comes into play in full force when she is faced with her father's rescue upon his capture.

Frog is a stable part of Elysia's life that she cannot do without.


Nurse Shelley

Elysia encounters Nurse Shelley when she is hospitalised and has to learn how to use her wings. Shelley teaches her all the basics a young girl usually acquires from her mother. It is because of Shelley that Elysia matures from young brat to eloquent young lady.

Shelley is almost the light relief in any given situation with her charisma and beaming smile. She loves all of her patients and students equally, but there's just something special about Elysia that she can't ignore.



Polly is a brash teenager who means well and becomes a close confidant of Elysia. She teaches Elysia some fundamental angel powers and is an integral part of the team at the Training Facility. She is well-loved and a lean, mean fighting machine.

She dates Mack and together they make a sweet couple - something Elysia warms to and wishes she was able to have and experience for herself.



As one of the mentors at the training facility, Jet is looked up to and adored. Jet is dating Harvey and they work together with Skar to train, look after and educate the new arrivals on learning the angel way.

Upon Elysia's arrival at the Training Facility, Jet welcomes her with open arms. Until she is consumed by jealousy over Harvey's specialist treatment over Elysia and plots to do something that will change her life forever.



Another of the Demon Angel Overlord's henchmen, Junk epitomises everything you despise in a person. He's selfish, greedy and cares for no-one. Alone in the world, he is able to make deals with the fallen angels knowing he has nothing to lose and so lives a pitiful existence bartering and trading stolen goods just for a bit of money to survive.

Junk is loyal to the cause of capturing Elysia and works with Razor.


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